In solidarity with the millions who are incarcerated in technology penitentiaries....

Cubiclized :

(adverb) an end state of a process of being in a cubicle for an extended period of time. It's closer in state to being fossilized than to being caramelized. The world view of someone who has been cubiclized is as wide as the cubicle s/he has been working in.

In the infinite expanse of the cubicle world, there are these mind numbing conversations between co-workers, team members, project and tech leads - some to keep the project plan moving and others just to see the end the day. But amongst all these, sometimes, one comes across a few gems of a conversation, which we have tried to show in these strips. Hope you enjoy reading and sharing them as much as we did creating them !

The IT Folks are a bunch of ex-developers, who have spent the better part of their careers in the cubicles. The ideas in the strips are an outcome of their collective experiences working in the cubicles and some purely imaginary.

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